Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nokia N95, And MSN Messenger, Email, Etc.?

Hey, I have a Nokia N95. And I really want Email and MSN on it. If anyone can tell me how to get both these workin, I'm stoked. I have WAP, MMS, Internet installed and working on it, and I have tried tio download windows Mobile to my phone, and it says they sent a link or something, But it never comes.

Anyone know how to set it up for me, especially email.

I use hotmail, and I'm Aussie, on Virgin Mobile.

If it matters?

Nokia N95, And MSN Messenger, Email, Etc.?
Download a 3rd party messenger on the phone such as E-Buddy or Fring and start using that for MSN, it will be free as long as you have a data plan.

To set up a push mail box you'd need to contact VM and ask them for the settings.

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